n dreams. - Inscription

Aug 5, 2014 at 9:40 AM
In fact, in the left happy, happy on the right, have difficulty lies in the heart of all, who do not need to verify! Lives, if we love surplus in the heart, with a simple writing, take faith to do the ink, the reliance of color, painted life the scroll, will draw a person a wonderful one, all the way to a lifetime scenery.Life is so short, we should learn to precipitate thought in misery to the lives of a thick, giving a calm mind, live out the true nature of life!I see the calm, such as bitter tea bloom, you appreciate or not appreciate, does not matter ......

In many people's minds, prairie is so magical, there had been many times impulsive, want to see the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, but unfortunately, we can not make the trip, so the prairie often appear in dreams. - Inscription

Over the years, wandering and uncertain life lived, walking far apart. Years in the past, has repeatedly seen the Qinghai-Tibet snowy prairie, prairie Rover over Xinjiang, it is a rugged beauty, with mountains and go, depending on the slope and on the undulating, winding song ting, where prairie only in summer, rain at the right time, is the most beautiful season.