My Galaxy S2 and S5 will not connect to the Internet

Jul 10, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Hi can anyone please help me get my devices to connect to the Internet. I am using the firewall that comes with windows 7 64 bit home. I have disabled it, I have created a rule to all outgoing connections for it, I have disabled my antivirus. I have shared the internet connection ICS. It actually shows in my list of wireless connections and underneath says "Internet access" but nothing connects to the internet I.E. galaxy S2 and S5. I have shut down other wireless connections and only have my modem which has the internet connection and is shared with the virtual router on my laptop. Everything works great except connecting to the internet. Only the laptop which has the virtual router software connects to the Internet. Running version 1.0 any Ideas what it could be?