lost internet?

Dec 29, 2014 at 10:42 AM
After running anything to get hotspot going, netsh, VR,mHS,etc..after a x amount of time, i completely lose the ability from PC, android, kindle etc.. to use the internet..though it says its stilll connected.. i cant figure out what on my 8 , now 8.1 laptop running the hostednetwork is , i guess, blocking info sent/received after , 2mins..5mins..once was like 5 hours before it happened. ive went over many settings, tons of forums, cannot solve this issue. i have to reboot 8.1, the device connected, and redo it for however long it lets me. is there some crazy netsh command or setting in windows firewall that is causing this to happen? or anyway to set up a logger for internet traffics/apps to look at it right after it does this? thanks for any info