maybe I never ever there will be

Aug 6, 2014 at 8:46 AM
In a wind day, we often flip youth title page, find where the spring in the memories. Flying in the youth in the passion, and now no longer Chung swing our mind, the stream flowing into the heart of the occasion, carrying a curtain of clouds.

At the edge of this autumn, youth echo still floating in the ears, after all that hard to break away feeling Lianlianbuwang, has become our life's journey is the most important way the landscape. We wings learn to fly in there, where we grow. Like derivatives season, kept the replacement of the ring, great wings and glow of the sunset together mature.

Youth gradually further and further away, and now we have full faith deposit, Shaohua dumping pay. Raised his hands also can support a blue sky. Living muddy road, we can always move forward, we must storm in the mountains, because we are not regret the dreamer.

If not for this, maybe I never ever there will be no intersection with her. Once, she again and again cold so I chose three of sad to leave. After graduation, I lived a life of hard work in Kunming alone, I thought I had forgotten, that he will eventually heal, but ......