Getting Roku Connected (Kindle Connects OK) to Virtual Router

Nov 16, 2012 at 12:05 AM

I'm trying to share a wifi connection in my workshop which I easily pick up with a w7 laptop using the famous alfa us036 wifi adapter. I was surprised when I saw my kindle connect to wifi for the first time using VR. Roku tries to connect, accepts the network, but then kicks out on local network before getting to the internet. Typically neither roku nor kindle wants to have anything to do with peer to peer (ad hoc) networks like the kind you can set up with w7 and vista sw, although apple ipods and iphones connect (I wonder if Apple TV connects as an alternate to roku?).

In talking with roku they suggested changing the channel, but I did not see that option in vr. 

Any other thoughts on how to get my roku to share the wifi connection I receive in my workshop?