Virtual Router: "Windows Cannot Connect"

Aug 29, 2012 at 10:42 AM

I am trying to use virtual router and shareed the network between different laptops. Having set up and downloaded virtual router I have been running tests, however, now the same error keeps arising, virtual router will let me start the programme (say on laptop 1) but when I try to connect to the virtual router connection from another laptop (laptop 2) a message appears saying Windows cannot connect to the network.

I have tried different things such as changing sharing settings, using different laptops, and starting virtual router on laptop 2 to see if laptop 1 can connect but it still doesnt work. I have made sure the IPV6 is turned off on the Virtual Router Wireless Connection and that sharing is enabled for the original wireless network (i.e. wireless connection 1).

Does anyone have any other solutions that I can try?

Hope someone can help. Thanks!