virtual router on 3G mobile internet

Aug 22, 2011 at 12:15 PM

hello everyone,


i am not so well educated about wifi and shared internet, so my question may sound stupid to many of you. But i was wondering, if i shared a 3G mobile internet, for which i have to pay based on data packages, with other 2-3 devices with virtual router, will i have to pay for the data packets used by all the devices or just for the data packets used by the parent device? In other words, when i use shared internet on more than one devices with virtual router, can i use more than allowed data packets(on the parent device) on these devices (e.g., I am allowed to use 1GB on my parent device and i shared this internet with 3 other devices with V.Router, can each one of them use 1GB of data packets or just abt 333 MB?)


thanks in advance