Cant start virtual server after installing Hamachi

Apr 11, 2011 at 3:28 PM


i have been setting a home server up that i want to act as a file server while also providing me with wireless.

i first installed virtual router on the machine and i worked perfectly serving wireless via the ethernet.

Then i thought i would install hamachi so i could connect to the server remotely (i dont have the ability to portforward where i currently live). It seems as installing Hamachi broke the virtual router. Before i installed Hamachi i could only choose "Local Area Network" from the drop down. After installing hamachi i had 3 different networks in the drop down.

  1. Hamachi
  2. Hamachi-somenumbers-somemorenumbers
  3. Local Area Network

setting the net work to Local Area Network now gives the error "Virtual Router could not be started" same goes for Hamachi-somenumbers-somenumbers.

It starts when just leaving it at Hamachi but clients that connect does not have any internet access (Or lan access for that matter as i cant ping anything but the the client itself).


i suspect hamachi did some network bridgeing that Virtual Router doesnt like but how do i fix the without breaking neither programs?