Bugreport(s) (Shared Connection):

Sep 12, 2010 at 10:59 AM
Edited Sep 12, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Hello Chris,

thank you for your nice application.
But there are some bugs:

- The GUI seems to refresh every 5 seconds, if it does then the selected "Shared Connection" set back to the connection at the top of the list.

Example: "Connection 1" ist on the top, if you select "Connection 2" then it goes back to "Connection 1" after a few seconds.
If you are fast enaugh then it will use the selected Connection before it goes back to the first one in the list.

- ICS is setting to the wrong Virtual WiFi Adapter:

Example: I have a Intel WiFi 5100. If you install the driver AND the management tool, then you'll get two Virtual WiFi adapters.
You app will set the ICS to the first Virtual WiFi adapter. For me the first one is for the Intel "My WiFi" application and the second one
is for your application or when you do it via command line or the application "Connectify".
ICS will set by your program for the first virtual WiFi adapter which is wrong because your app uses the second one.


- You are only able to share connections which are connected:


Example: I want to share a OpenVPN connection (which provide the Internet). The Problem is, the OpenVPN connection is not connected all the time.
But it is possible to share a connection which is not connected when you set it manual on the adapter which you want to share.
Maybe you can let your program list all adapters even if they are not conneted at the moment.

I'll hope you understand my report and you are able to fix it even tough you have much work with your "Simplovation" project :)


Many regards